Virtual Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

  • Mar 22, 2020
Virtual Gift Ideas for Boyfriend

Social isolation taking tall on the relationship

We shall be extra mindful towards our lived ones and these ideas will help you keep the relationship alive even given the circumstances.
We are living in a new reality of social isolation. And even without that, there are tons of circumstances we find ourselves being away from our loved ones. In times like this a gift can lighten the day and reconnect you with the person you love. Of course, nowadays everything can be delivered. But given the recent developments in the world, you might even want to stick to just virtual gifts and avoid contact even with the delivery man.

Subscription for Audible


Audiobooks are on the rise and whether it is a single book you know he likes or a full month of Audible he will appreciate and think of you throughout the book. Sharing book preferences can be an excellent way to connect and learn more about each other’s thoughts and dreams.

Computer Game


If your guy is into computer gaming, he probably has an ever-growing wishlist on platforms like Steam and Ubisoft. It becomes an easy task to get him exactly the game he likes by checking his profile for wishes. All of the platforms support buying a game as a gift and adding a personalized message.
Remember don’t just but a gift card, spend a bit more time and pick the game he wants. Better yet, buy two copies and spend the evening gaming it away together. #steamandchill anybody?

Hand Made


Even if he’s not going to touch it (yet) something created with your own hands is always special. You could try your hand in digital painting, creating a virtual greeting card, or you could practice your hand in calligraphy and send him a photo of your work. It could be your own words, or some famous quote expressing your emotions.

Planned Vacation


Remote is all understandable, but sooner or later all this will be history and we’ll meet again, and when that happens we would need sun and fun. Start planning that vacation you have always wanted. It doesn’t have to be concrete reservations, given the times. Do some research, read the travel guides, prepare to burst out with facts when you visit that city he always wanted to see. And more than ever - Don’t stress and take it slow